The European Fire Ant

The European Fire Ant – Research site to support this research at the University of Maine.  We wanted a eye catching site that will help educate the public at the same time showcase this research work .
Screen Shot of Herbarium Admin Login Page

University of Maine Herbaria

Created for University of Maine Herbarium : Public Side: Complete Searchable database for Specimens in Herbarium – Administrative Side: Maine Herbarium can add, edit records . Can print out labels once they have entered specimens . Complete management system for the herbarium .    

Apple iCamp Presentation

Created custom presentation for the 1999 iCamp Engineers Conference at Apple HQ . I presented on the success of ASAP and a successful development of good interaction and  content.   Focused on projects I worked on and/or created for my masters . (See press on this presentation)   Highlights : Met and Discussed Read more…